Computer equipment installed in the office environment is susceptible to dust. If you've taken the cover off any computer in an office you'll see this. Now imagine the effect of the dust on the power supply fan and the CPU fan; dried-out bearings and a coating of dust insulating the electronic devices and circuitry causing them to run 'hot'. What if this dust was also a conductor of electricity? Short-circuits and dry joints. Now think about the industrial environment where the main causes of failure are dust, dirt, water/liquid splash, high or low temperature, vibration, RF and EM interference, surges and spikes on electrical mains supply, vandalism, equipment tampering, accidental damage. To understand each of these problems, Sentinel is pleased to provide a description of the most common hazards and how they can affect your computer equipment and we give you the Sentinel computer enclosure solution.


Dust is inevitable in most industrial environments. The computer equipment power supply fan will draw it into the equipment, causing unlimited damage over time. Dust is a problem in several ways: it insulates the electronics on the motherboard and plug-in cards, causing overheating; it contaminates disk drives and keyboards; it can cause short circuits and dry joints, and is a common cause of fan failure, be it the power supply or the processor fan. All can lead to premature failure of the equipment, just when you don't need it. At Sentinel, all our IP54 PC enclosures can be fitted with a cooling fan that incorporates a dust filter that will arrest particles as small as 5 microns. By designing into the industrial enclosures a positive air pressure system, we have prevented the ingress of dust, but have maintained the air circulation using a strategically designed air ventilation system. All door, window and cable apertures are protected by dust-tight seals.


There are many occasions where a computer or associated equipment is required in an area where there is also the necessity to wash and clean the equipment e.g. food preparation, pharmaceutical and chemical industries to name but a few. In this environment it is essential to keep the equipment protected in a fully sealed enclosure as the effects of moisture, water and cleaning fluids can be catastrophic. Sentinel's IP66 stainless steel enclosures are watertight sealed for high-pressure washdown environments. All doors, windows, cable glands, locks and hinges are sealed to the maximum requirement. Sentinel manufactures these enclosures using high quality food grade, 316 stainless steel to provide maximum protection from corrosion. Why 316 grade you may ask? Why not 304? Well, 316 is used because of its added molybdenum content, which is better suited to prevent corrosion in hostile environments, especially where salts (chlorides) are present. It is the food industry standard for ease of cleanliness and hygiene.


Keyboards are particularly exposed to harsh environments. Simply spilling coffee on one can render it inoperative. Dust and grease can also be of particular concern, as these can get lodged in the contacts of the keys and are difficult to shift without breaking into the keyboard. Also keyboards can be used to tamper with much-valued data and settings. At Sentinel, we believe your keyboard should be protected from harsh environments and secured from theft and tampering. As a result, we offer a range of products from simple keyboard skins to prevent dust and grease penetrating between the keys, to alternative IP66 membrane keyboards and pointing devices, designed to give maximum protection from dirt. We also offer security in the form of lock-away keyboard trays, so when not in use they are also protected from the harsh environment.


Computer and data theft are common problems that can only be resolved by securing the computers inside enclosures. All Sentinel's enclosures include locking devices on all doors to prevent unauthorised access. The enclosure has the added advantage over clamping devices in that data theft and vandalism can be thwarted too. For protection in the office, Sentinel Enclosures have designed a range of high-security safes that house all shapes and sizes of computers, from laptops to servers. Manufactured from 2mm thick steel, these safes can be bolted to walls and floors, and feature a seven-lever mortice lock on the door and secure cable entry. They can also be environmentally sealed against the severest office dust.

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