Sentinel Enclosures have a range of printer enclosures from painted mild steel (IP54) to brushed finish stainless steel (IP66), to accommodate and protect the smallest to the largest printer, whether it be thermal, laser, ink-jet or dot matrix, on the factory floor or in the warehouse. You can even fit our combination mild or stainless steel monitor/CPU enclosures on top, to give a full-height, standing enclosure and all your data processing power in one place. We also have experience of designing enclosures for printers to be placed in -30°C frozen food environments. This was so successful that the customer involved was able to increase productivity by five times for this particular application.


The enclosures are constructed of seam-welded mild steel as shown, with a hard wearing polyester powder coat in a leatherette finish. The doors are fitted with closed cell foam seals to protect against liquid ingress and are secured by either square or triangular electrical access or keyed security locks, according to the customer's preference. In the cases shown, a cooling fan with a 5-micron dust filter is fitted, which also maintains a positive pressure within the enclosure to inhibit the ingress of dust. Surge and spike protected 4-way mains distribution units are fitted to protect the installed equipment against mains fluctuations. A VESA mounting is supplied to attach the monitor, which can be viewed through an optically clear polycarbonate window to which has been applied a scratch-resistant coating.


A brushed finish 316 stainless steel printer enclosure, fitted with closed cell foam seals and a "T" handle or security type lock fitted to the doors. The doors are fitted with stays to avoid hinge stresses and also to help prevent accidental entrapment on closing. The window in the upper door is made from optically clear 4mm polycarbonate with a scratch-resistant coating applied to the upper surface to allow a clear view of the printer below. A surge/spike protected mains distribution unit is also fitted to protect the equipment against mains fluctuations.

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open tabletop laser printer enclosure
floor standing laser printer enclosure