Whatever your requirements, Sentinel Enclosures has the capability in design to turn your idea into a reality. Whether it is a table-mounted enclosure or a deck housing for computer controlled data recording equipment, tell us your specific requirements and we will produce a solution for you. No matter how large or small, we are only too happy to help.

Sentinel Enclosures has more than twenty five years of design and development experience in the industrial enclosure market. From designing enclosures for external vending applications to protecting electronics on the production line and computers in food peparation areas, Sentinel has engineered solutions. Our purpose is to provide our customers with products and services tailor-made to their own requirements.

From enclosures for electronics and kiosks for entering data, to a torch for a specialist application, we have the design capability to provide the product you require. We have experience in producing products adapted for their environment, ticket vending systems and kiosks which can operate both in-building and externally. From simple bracketry to the mechanical design of the complete product, we have the capability to fulfil your requirements.

Moveable computer trolley with monitor enclosureWall mounted metal computer and monitor enclosure with closable keyboard tray Free standing kiosk enclosure with printer cupboard and monitor enclosure
KLM self check in kiosk