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Sovereign Connections Ltd was established in 1997, combining a unique blend of expertise in manufacturing and engineering executive management with an in-depth knowledge of Far East manufacturing capability and culture. It was set up to offer a resource for enterprises in the UK and Europe that do not have readily available the in-house capabilities for global sourcing. For an assured supply of quality subcontract manufacturing in key cost-competitive areas of the world, Sovereign is the connection. It is well known that high volume manufacturing of diverse products, including electronics, engineering and textiles, is now centred in the Asian subcontinent of the world and in particular in China. What is not so well understood however, is how to locate and manage a truly quality-conscious dependable partner, thousands of miles distant and with a totally different culture, yet gain the cost benefits while also assuring your business of consistent supply.

Faced with a customer requirement, Sovereign incorporated Sentinel Enclosures to provide the design capability to produce enclosures for the electronics they sourced. Managed by staff with more than forty years of metal working, design and development experience, the team has been responsible for designing ticket-issuing machines for external vending applications, enclosures for protecting electronics on the production line and computers in food preparation areas; Sovereign has provided the electronics and Sentinel has engineered the enclosure solutions. Our purpose is to provide our customers with products that are designed to cope with the environments they operate in and are tailor-made to meet their requirements.

From our premises in Reading, Berkshire, we market, design, assemble and test all our products to the highest quality standards that our customers have come to expect. Whatever the need or concern, Sovereign & Sentinel Enclosures has a commitment to you, our valued customer, to provide an excellent delivered solution.