Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Printed circuit boards are used in all modern electronic devices from the smallest single layer board to the largest highly complex multi layer boards. Circuit boards provide the requisite multitude of tiny copper connections between the processors, crystals, capacitors and resistors that provide the signal pathways to our modern super computers. From ticket machines to computers from thermal imaging systems to monitors Sovereign Connections Ltd have provided printed circuit board assemblies to the Companies that designed these systems.

Sovereign has partnered with companies in the UK and the Far East whereby we can match consistent small or medium batch build requirements, right through to high volume production. Our manufacturers are dedicated to implementing the latest innovations in printed circuit board technology. We are committed to translating your designs into fully realised products. Manufacturing the most advanced and demanding Printed Circuit Board products quickly with consistent quality and service delivered on time.

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication - RoHs compliant bare boards

Drill Capacity: Minimum hole sizes 0.1mm
Layers: Up to 21
Track Spacing: 0.1mm
PCB Production Capacity: 200,000 square feet per month

No company is too small to optimise their potential; our total quantities can make relatively small quantities a viable option.

Let us show you the benefits of effective purchasing and supplier management:

  •   »Lower costs and better value for money; we have the leverage to negotiate better deals from suppliers; economies of scale are passed on to you.
  •   »Increased efficiency; internal resources are re-directed allowing managers more time for strategic work.
  •   »Improved cash flow; generated from reduced costs, lower inventories and a lower value for any inventory held.
  •   »Security of supply, certainty that your products will arrive on time.
  •   »Quality improvements, supplier relationships that improve products and reduce time to market.

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printed Circuit Boards Image

printed Circuit Boards Image

printed Circuit Boards Image