Sovereign Connections is a UK company that provides its Far East electronic manufacturing resources to small and medium size companies in the UK and Europe. With us the benefits of quality and competitive cost can be accessed from a resource difficult to uncover without specialist knowledge.

In today's high-pressure environment the role of purchasing and supplier management has additional importance. For all types of organisations the challenge is to improve the quality of products purchased whilst driving down the costs.

This is where Sovereign Connections Ltd can help you.

We understand that effective partnerships depend on trust, transparency and the willingness to share risks.

"Procurement decisions should be based on value for money, which is defined as the optimal combination of whole-life costs and quality to meet users' business requirements".

Sir Peter Gershon CBE, Chief Executive of the Office of Government Commerce 2003

Sovereign Connections Ltd was established in 1997 combining a unique blend of expertise in manufacturing and engineering executive management and an in-depth knowledge of Far East manufacturing capability and culture. Set up to offer a resource for enterprises in the UK and Europe that do not have readily available the in-house capabilities for global sourcing. For an assured supply of quality subcontract manufacturing in key cost competitive areas of the world, Sovereign is the connection. It is well known that high volume manufacturing of diverse products including electronics, engineering and textiles is now centred in the Asian Subcontinent of the world and in particular in China. What is not so well understood however, is how to locate and manage a truly quality conscious dependable partner, thousands of miles distant, with a totally different culture, yet gain the cost benefits while also assuring your business of consistent supply.

China may not necessarily be the optimum place of choice for small to medium size manufacturing companies with lower volumes and higher product mix. Some two to three decades ago, the arena for high volume manufacturing of capacitors, transistors, integrated circuits, disc drives, computers, printed circuit board assemblies and such like, belonged to other countries in the ASEAN region. As the twentieth century drew to a close, the balance in the volume-manufacturing arena was shifting towards Mainland China. As China's electronic industry targeted the volume market, a degree of significant specialisation emerged in the more progressive and focused ASEAN countries. As their volume competitiveness declined, the opportunity to successfully manage lower volumes of multi-mix sub-assemblies economically was developed. It was into this state of flux that Sovereign Connections Ltd injected expertise and experience to established partnerships, professional companies with capabilities of electronic board assembly and test; metal working facilities producing quality components and sub-assemblies, and ship-to-stock finished goods.

Sovereign Connections Ltd manages the total business package. After successful quotation, we accept Purchase Orders from our Clients and using our partner companies, deliver the finished, tested assemblies to our Client's warehouse, with duty, vat and delivery paid. We therefore offer our clients significant savings with minimum risk.

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